The Crew

Chris Arechaederra, Owner

Chris has been fishing since the age of 4 years old. Getting his start in the High Sierras in Northern California, Chris fished all of the time with his family during camping trips all throughout the state of California. He then started Sportfishing at 12 years old when his grandparents bought a 42′ Chris Craft in Oxnard, CA and grew up fishing both off of the Channel Islands and in his home town of San Diego. He has caught thousands of pounds of tuna, mahi mahi, bass and a multitude of other species.

Chris grew up in Encinitas, a small beach town just north of San Diego, and enjoys traveling, writing books and surfing on his off time. He has a B.A. in English from San Diego State University and holds a 50-Ton Master license from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Ben Graham, Deckhand

Ben is a fourth generation San Diego having grown up in La Mesa, located in East San Diego County, and has been fishing since he was 4 years old. Fishing has always been a passion of his, and has been for most of his life as he grew up fishing at nearby Santee Lakes in San Diego. He also started Sportfishing at a young age has been on fire ever since, catching tons of tuna every time he steps on any boat in San Diego.

What he enjoys most is that each and every season on the water is a brand new season where anything can happen, which is why he believes this sport is truly amazing.  Ben is fully qualified and holds down a tight deck while making sure every who steps on our boat is enjoying themselves and catching fish.

Billy Owen, Deckhand

Billy’s earliest memories include both fresh and saltwater fishing throughout southern California. He caught his first fish at the age of 3—a Bluegill at Lake Elsinore. Billy spent his high school years fishing on ½ and ¾ day boats out of Redondo Sportfishing and 22nd Street Landing.

In 2012, Billy bought his own skiff, and spent the next 3 years learning how to fish the Santa Monica bay before he moved to San Diego in early 2015 where he has been enjoying fantastic fishing ever since.  He has been fortunate enough to have the guidance from some great fishermen along the way, furthering Billy’s desire to be the best fisherman possible. Billy’s favorite types of fishing include general offshore and White Seabass fishing, but he also enjoys throwing the surface iron inshore and catching largemouth bass in our local San Diego reservoirs.