Learn More About Our Story

Learn More About Our Story

​Welcome to our dream come true. Black Diamond Sportfishing is the ultimate result from a lot of guts and even more hard work done by 2 guys from San Diego. Being one of San Diego’s newest 6-Pack Charter boats, our work only continues as we try to elevate the reputation of one of the most storied boats in fishing history. 

The Black Diamond is a 48′ Egg Harbor Sportfisher Sedan that’s been around the southern California sportfishing scene for years, having traveled up and down the coast. We set her up for plenty of success and have modified her a little bit since purchasing her in 2016. Having been around sportfishing for years, we did our best to make everything inside and and out as comfortable as possible for the most important aspect of our business…you.

We were able to do some remodeling of the interior, and add a few new tools to be more efficient to better serve all kinds of charters, and to better stay on top of the hottest fishing off the San Diego coast. But we’re not even close to being done. As time goes on, we’re always adding and updating things on our boat and in our entire operation. And we’re planning on turning the Black Diamond into the best 6 pack boat in the entire fleet, and then some.

You’ll just have to stay tuned and keep fishing with us to see all of our work.

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